Invisio® Structural Glazing System

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Break away from frames!

Invisio is a brand-new approach to structural glazing design, offering a range of thermally broken structural glass fixing details suitable for modern projects with modern performance requirements.

Approached as a system, the Invisio structural glazing solution has been fully tested for both thermal performance and weather resistance. This offers architects and specifiers the unique opportunity to specify frameless structural glazing with proven and certified performance calculations.

All Invisio fixing details have been designed by the team at IQ, taking into account our years of experience in structural glazing. The details are designed to be finished framelessly, fully hidden by the building finishes. Installation and ease of glass replacement has also been taken into account, designing the details in a way that minimises building impact where replacements are needed.

Invisio can be used to create any installation of structural glazing. Frameless glass walls, frameless glass roofs, structural glass floors and glass boxes are all possible with the Invisio structural glazing system.

Take a look at some of the most popular uses of structural glass below. Do remember that structural glazing is bespoke and tailored to the project.

If you have a requirement for structural glazing get in touch with the team at IQ who can help advise as to the best fixing methodology and design for your project.

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The Old Rectory structural pill windows using Invisio system Large frameless structural glass roof extension
Water End House, Hertfordshire, 2017. Architect: Kirkland Fraser Moor.