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IQ’s unique, specialist structural glazing system, Invisio, enables architects to work with unrivalled flexibility when designing bespoke structural glass solutions. The Invisio façade, located at the entrance to the reception, is the perfect example of IQ Glass’ expertise.

Consisting of five oversized panes that measure up to 6.3m high, the construction of the glass façade was no small feat – the pane of glass which had to be lifted and installed above the pivot entrance door and sidelights weighs over a tonne!

What’s even more impressive than the immense size of the façade is the structural glazing façade detail – it’s frameless design seamlessly merges the indoors with the external environment, allowing natural light to flood the open plan reception area. This results in a continuous vision of IQ’s reception and showroom from the outside, which also increases the perceived space of the internal space. 

thermally broken structural glass façade office front for a glazing showroom

For those seeking a minimalistic design, a structural glass façade is the perfect alternative to framed curtain walling - the only visible sightlines are the neat silicone joints, which provide weather sealing between each fully thermally broken glass unit. The result is a bespoke floor to ceiling elevation of glass, unhindered by glass size, weight or shape. Invisio structural glass façades can be specified in lengths of up to 12m in a single unit and our extensive logistical experience in installations of such vast elements of glazing guarantees flawless installations.   

A host of testing methods have been used to provide testing data and typical design details for the Invisio structural glass façade - Uw values from 1.1 W/m2K are achieved, while two wind loads of 0.8 kN and 1.6 kN have also been tested to showcase how the system will work under different weather conditions. The inbuilt, thermally broken nature of the Invisio façade ensures comfortable living temperatures all year round by removing the common thermal bridging issue of structural glass.