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One of the most impressive and surreal specialist glazing projects to be added to IQ’s showroom space is the ‘floating’ glass box. This floating glass structure is used as a meeting room (for those who can stomach it!) and it is made entirely of structural glass.

The brainchild of a host of external designers and glass consultants, the structural glass box contains no mechanical fixings, which makes it a perfect example of structurally bonded glazing, with structural silicone holding it all together. The structural glass box is cantilevered, which means that the whole structure is only supported at one end, allowing visitors to be awe-struck by the other end of the meeting room as it seemingly hangs over the showroom space below.  

The installation of the cantilevered structural glass box was arguably more difficult than the design. It took considerable levels of expertise and experience for the sky box to be constructed before being lifted into position – the whole structure weighs over 5.4 tonnes. Substantial planning was required for the sequencing of the installation, with both of the 1.4 tonne walls having to be carefully lifted and fitted before anything else was installed.   

The decision to use this structural glass box as a meeting room was a considered one. The meeting room’s total transparency allows anyone to see through, a feature facilitated by the floor being made of special layers of low iron glass, making it super clear. There were of course safety doubts from those who have never seen a specialist glazing project of this type, however, technical glazing specialists tested the different aspects of the sky box extensively to ensure that the structure was as safe as any other meeting room. In the unlikely event of a breakage, the structural glass box would keep its shape thanks to the quadruple-layered floor and the double-layered walls.   

If you would like to learn more about the construction, watch the video below and check out our article on the design and installation of the floating glass box