The largest architectural & structural glazing showroom in the UK

Your Glass Showroom Experience

The IQ Glass Showroom is the largest residential architectural glazing showroom in the UK, offering architects and designers examples of multiple architectural glazing options in a large purpose-built environment.

We are constantly updating our flagship Amersham showroom space to keep up with the demands of modern architecture as well as offering advanced glazing technologies to architects and designers for a one-stop shop for all their architectural glazing requirements.

Our newly renovated showroom includes a wide variety of slim framed steel and aluminium glazing systems as well as structural glass solutions in a range of applications.

Visits will be by appointment only, to book your showroom appointment visit the contact us page.

Structural Glass Showroom

Structural glass is integrated throughout the glazing showroom, merging with the structure to showcase just what is possible from structural glass design.

Whether you are looking for a structural glass wall, a glass floor or full glass roof, the structural glazing showroom offers a purpose built and real scale example of what can be achieved.

Our architectural glazing showroom includes structural glass facades, glass walls, glass roofs, glass balustrades, oriel windows and glass floors. You can also see our famous floating structural glass meeting room.  

Sliding Glass Door Showroom

The IQ Glass showroom offers the widest range of sliding glass door designs of any showroom available. Throughout the glazing showroom you will see a range of sliding glass door designs including automated glass doors, slim framed sliding glass doors and timber framed sliding glass doors.

All sliding glass doors in the showroom are built to real scale, using the details you would see on your project so you can understand exactly what will appear on site.

Timber Window and Door Showroom

The Avino showroom offers a beautiful and immersive space to explore the timber window and door options for your project. This timber window showroom is set to the rear of Sky House and transports you to an oasis of natural materials.

Timber samples, glass and metal all come together to form the atelier timber showroom where you can expertly select your materials, ensuring that all timber match the palette requirements for your build.

Have your showroom meeting in one of our four purpose built timber glass boxes which showcase the three main timber window and door ranges from Avino.

Interior Glazing Showroom

Explore the options for interior glazing within our interior glazing showroom. From frameless internal glass doors to expert fire rated glazing, our interior glazing showroom provides a small insight into what is possible with your interior glazing design.

The beauty of internal glazing is that the design options are almost endless. Our interior glazing show space brings together some of the most popular designs and options for you to explore.  

Automated Glazing Showroom

As glass sizes increase so do glass weights and the need for automation.

Our automated glazing showroom includes some of the largest glass doors on show within the UK and we showcase the automated technology behind these doors.

Automated sliding doors, automated sliding rooflights and auto venting rooflights are all on show within Sky House along with electronic locking and unique automated glazing designs like the soft open/close option for sliding doors.

Window and Door Showroom

As well as the most innovative and exciting glass technologies, our showroom also includes a wide array of typical windows and doors.

From timber windows to aluminium and steel casement windows, you can see and explore all the design options for your windows and doors in our showroom.

The Sky House Design Centre

Our glazing showroom is part of the Sky House Design Centre, a collective showroom for suppliers for the high end specification market. As well as the IQ Glass and Avino showrooms you can also visit the kitchen showroom, home cinema showrooms, furniture showrooms and more.

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Right from the entrance, our showroom displays the expertise we provide to architectural glazing designs throughout the world.

Across the front elevation of our showroom you will see the 6m tall glass façade, created using our Invisio structural glass system with an integrated Sieger Lux Pivot door for entrance.

Beside this, we push the boundaries of possibility with a 6.5m tall sliding glass door set next to one of our unique vertical sash windows.

These two glass designs offer the slimmest sightlines paired with high levels of engineering for a high tech glass elevation that has to be seen to be believed.

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As you enter Sky House you will see our large range of glass window and doors.

Set throughout the building into purpose built meeting spaces, our range of windows and doors include fire rated glass doors, curved structural glazing as well as a wide range of slim framed sliding doors.

The NGS minimal window (the latest development from Keller AG) is on show, combining high performance glazing, slim sightlines and offering an example of some of the latest automation advances in architectural glazing.

Steel and steel look windows and doors are shown throughout as well as our unique automated glass roof show raft that allows you to explore the design of our automated glass roofs from both above and below.

The Floating Glass Box

The floating glass box is one of the key features of the IQ Glass showroom.

Set at the front of Sky House, the floating glass meeting room was designed in house by the IQ team with the aim of showing you just what is possible from structural glass design.

Measuring 8m by 4m, the glass box is cantilevered from our first floor offices and has no visible supports.

You can read more about the development and installation of the floating glass box here and visit us to experience it for yourself.

The Avino "Timber in Architecture" Showroom

The Avino Atelier timber showroom is located inside Sky House Design Center's large display areas. Our dedicated showroom area not only features a variety of timber windows and doors that are positioned throughout the building to best display all of the intricacies that are possible. Specifiers can visit this venue to choose and research the wood materials for their build, since it houses one of the biggest collections of timber finishes.

Situated in the back of Sky House Design Centre, the Avino timber showroom is reached by a sizable custom glass enclosure. The room is brightly lit by the enormous glass box, which showcases our timber to its greatest potential.

In the showroom, we've embraced the idea of biophilic design, incorporating natural materials into the structures wherever we can. Our wood finishes are paired with custom metalwork and greenery to create a material-filled architectural paradise

The Courtyard

At the rear of the IQ Glass showroom, you will enter 'The Courtyard'. This large square showcases various examples of glass box design and architectural glazing.

The freestanding 'Glass Box' within the courtyard highlights IQ's large sliding doors system, with the oversized glass panels lining two sides of the building and opening on the corner. These slim framed glass doors have ultra slim sightlines and are finished with a flush floor level. Here at The Courtyard Showroom, you will be able to feel the ease of movement in these glass panels even at such large sizes.

Within the Glass Box space is an automated opening roof light from our Glassmotion range and a roof terrace complete with a walk-on glass floor and frameless glass balustrades.

The stand-alone 'Steel look Box' showcases our very popular Sieger Legacy window and door systems. The glass structure is designed with a variety of choices in mind with windows and doors made from thermally broken aluminium profiles, designed to look like steel. Various other architectural metal finishes are available to view as well.

The Sky House Design Centre

Our glazing showroom in Amersham is also home to the IQ headquarters office. We showcase numerous examples of glass box extensions, sliding doors in various configurations, a modern oriel window box, steel supports, glass beams and glass fins as well as electrical glass solutions.

Attached to the IQ Group offices is the Sky House Design Centre. This two storey showroom includes the showrooms and offices of various companies that all offer services and products to private residential design projects.

These include smart home technologies, shading systems, flooring and wall cladding, kitchens, wardrobe design, outdoor kitchens and luxury Italian furniture.

The IQ showroom and Design Centre is open for appointments Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm and on Saturdays fortnightly for appointments from 9 am to 3 pm. To book your appointment, contact the team.

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First impressions are excellent, and it feels very professional - you certainly get the ‘wow’ factor as you arrive in the car park. It is great to see all your products on show, and ‘active’ – being able to see those large entrance windows open and move, to stand in the glass box, and to get up close to the roof lights and other displays is really good. You can see and feel the quality of the product. Your innovation comes through too.

I loved the suspended glass box, and how you have presented the roof lights – being able to lower the unit to see it from all angles is brilliant.

Louise Leahy


I was amazed by the Sky House and showroom. Having worked in the Luxury property market for 9 years – I was blown away by the quality, innovation and creative design of the Sky House, reception and range of tailored glazing solutions that they can offer. I can see why they are leaders in their field.

Russell Rhys-Davies


Spent the day yesterday at the amazing IQ Glass showroom. We will hopefully be working with them on a new project in North London where the project will require a lot of bespoke and specialist glazing. While I was there I had the chance to walk inside their floating boardroom, a totally surreal experience. It has a glass floor and glass walls and is suspended high above the ground floor.

Rene Dekker

Rene Dekker Interior Design

IQ has proven to be a very competent, professional and helpful provider from the point of contract through to completion. Our order was handed-over diligently from one step of the process to another, keeping us informed at all times. It was re-assuring that our calls were answered promptly by all individuals involved at each stage. The work was well planned yet flexible to fit with our builders timeline. The teams who came on-site were punctual, professional and pleasant to deal with. Reliable and trustworthy service altogether.

Fabienne Luisetti

Home Owner