Home Transformation Of The Year

Winner in the British Homes Awards 2020

Sun Slice House and Spa by Neil Dusheiko Architects has won in the British Homes Awards 2020 for Home Transformation of the Year! The project saw the extension of a Victorian semi-detached house in South Cambridge. The transformation of the property saw the addition of a homeschooling space for the client's children, a study space with a library, music room, a mudroom, and a utility room.

Neil Dusheiko Architects and the client didn’t want to take away from the character of the original property and therefore designed the extension to feel like it was enveloping the original home – like a home within a home. The original house was constructed using Cambridge yellow stock brick, so the architects chose to build the new areas using a slim handmade brick that harmonised with the original brickwork.

IQ Glass worked closely with the architects on Sun Slice House and Spa to carefully devise ways to draw natural daylight into the property. The extension was carefully planned with extensive daylight studies to draw light into the north-facing extension. Minimally framed skylights were installed to maximise the light that could penetrate straight through the roof glazing into the rooms below. Large minimally framed sliding doors were also installed to the rear of the extension which allowed the homeowners to seamlessly transition between the indoors and beautifully landscaped garden.

The architects also worked with landscape designers who designed a greenhouse area, four vegetable allotments and a meadow-style garden. Within the rear garden sits a modern leisure building that houses a gym, spa and a sauna. This leisure building also houses guest rooms away from the main house.

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