Best Residential Property

Stone Haven wins Best Residential Property in International Property Awards 2020 - 2021

Stone Haven has been awarded the best residential property in the International Property Awards, beating the competition with its innovative yet sustainable design. the expansive property blends into the south facing grassland slope, utilising local materials alongside large elevations of glass to make minimal disruption to the area of outstanding beauty.

Local slate was just one of the materials chosen for the exterior design, contrasting the surrounding greenery beautifully whilst granting a nod to the heritage of the local area. The sustainable new build uses slim framed sliding door systems in conjunction with other slim framed aluminium systems to create light filled living spaces with picturesque views of the Cornish coast.

Aluminium is an extremely sustainable material, with its ability to be infinitely recycled, and therefore was an obvious choice for the glazing package on this project. The glass box extension on the rear elevation allows the living area to be flooded with natural light during the day, whilst having exceptional sky views in the evenings.

The glazing package creates an indoor-outdoor style of living, with multiple access points where the occupants can choose to open up the space and create one large indoor outdoor area.