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Adjacent to the vertical sash window at the front of the showroom, the oversized automated sliding door is a remarkable feat of engineering. Standing at nearly 6.5m tall, the ease with which the automated sliding door glides behind the sash window system is breath-taking, particularly considering the whole pane weighs 1.4 tonnes. The high-quality aluminium profiles have been powder coated in Axalta Horizon, a specialist finish designed to mimic an anodised finish.

oversized automated sliding glass door pane in an architectural glazing showroom

Any installation of a sliding door this large has its own unique challenges and this one was no different. With the sheer size and weight of the pane of glass involved, meticulous planning, testing and installation processes were used in order to ensure a safe and secure installation. Moreover, the rigidity of the whole assembly is guaranteed by the use of reinforced 50mm glass, instead of 24mm glass.

The minimal windows 4+ framing profile was used for this installation, which usually accommodates triple glazed units, however, with this bespoke double-height sliding door installation the 4+ framing profile was used with a DGU. The deeper framing profile allowed for a larger argon gas cavity, as with a glazing installation of this height a higher deflection needed to be taken into account. 

With triple glazing available for those in colder parts of the world, as well as laminated glass, this automated sliding glass door is an ideal solution for those looking to have a dynamic, opening space with unrivalled transparency to allow sunlight to flood internal areas. Furthermore, the automated sliding door at the IQ Glass showroom is the perfect example of how the oversized system can be specified alongside other bespoke glazing products, such as the vertical sash window.