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Installing one of IQ’s automated opening rooflights is the best way to revitalize any room in your home. We offer a wide range of sliding rooflight systems, two of which can be found at the showroom within a vertically sliding box with both the A.R.E.S (Auto Rising Electric Roof Light System) and the M.A.R.S (Modern Automated Rooflight System). This is a fantastic feature of the newly renovated showroom, as it allows visitors to analyse and appreciate every angle of the automated systems. 

The opening rooflight box at the showroom has been created to slide up and down as a whole, offering visitors the opportunity to see how the minimal systems will look from both the external and the internal view. At the touch of a button, the rooflights can be opened and closed as well as moved up or down as a whole. The two opening rooflight systems together show how the A.R.E.S and M.A.R.S can be integrated together to create a sliding, venting rooflight solution.  

sliding glass rooflight and venting rooflight in a bespoke roof glazing showroom in greater london

The M.A.R.S (Modern Automated Rooflight System) is particularly popular, due to its ability to slide seamlessly along three weather tight brush seals, all at the press of a button. With the availability of the M.A.R.S at as little as a 3-degree angle, the bespoke nature of the sliding rooflight makes it suitable for almost any roof, whilst the security and minimalistic appearance of the system is ensured by the glass being structurally bonded into the aluminium frame. Any requirements relating to panel size and structure are not an issue, as the standard motor on the M.A.R.S supports a weight of up to 320kg and larger motors are available to accommodate even larger sizes.   

The A.R.E.S (Auto Rising Electric Rooflight System) is unrivalled on the market in terms of adaptability. Multiple concealed actuators are able to be engineered to lift entire sashes of glass vertically from the frame, for non-traditional shapes without parallel sides. Moreover, along with its impressive design options, the A.R.E.S venting rooflight’s security performance makes it the perfect ventilation and rooftop access solution – the combination of toughened glazing and a laminated inner pane holds the glass in place in the event of breakage and also enhances the security performance.