Aluminium Windows and Doors

When it comes to modern and contemporary architecture, aluminium is the material of choice for framing. The sleek, squared-off finishes that are achievable with aluminium window and door frames are a wonderful fit for the more understated, detail-oriented designs that characterise modern architecture.

In order to provide architects and designers an aluminium window/door solution that meets their needs, we at IQ Glass utilise the most recent developments in thermal break technology, aluminium manufacturing, and design trends.

Aluminium windows and doors are incredibly customisable, so your project can be fully bespoke. The thermal performance as well as natural sustainability of aluminium will also benefit your project when working out energy consumption and building regulations. 

With aluminium windows and doors, maintenance is as easy as cleaning the interior and exterior with water and soap, if this is done every 2/3 months the systems can last a lifetime. 

Security is a huge factor in building design. Our aluminium windows and doors are all fully tested to ensure that they will keep you and project as safe as possible from any attempted break-ins. The structural integrity of aluminium far out-performs UPVC which will provide full peace of mind. 


aluminium windows and doors