IQ Specialist Works

IQ Specialist Works are a dedicated division within the IQ Group able to carry our small and intricate architectural glazing works

Modern Glass Technology by IQ Glass

Small Works Division

IQ Glass are known as the UK’s leading specialists in architectural glazing design.

However, we also have a dedicated team who work on much smaller architectural glazing projects. This team is known as IQ Specialist Works who work on a smaller scale, making it possible to offer a smaller lead time by having a dedicated contracts management and installation team for faster delivery on selected glazing installations.

The team works on projects involving products that do not involve excessive amounts of designing, making it very possible for a shorter lead time.


IQ Glass. Timber Windows
Dog & Badger Specialist Glazing Project

Specialist Glazing

IQ Specialist Works can provide products including glass balustrades, glass porches, frameless roof lights and structural glass roofs.

Frameless glass balustrades are perfect for internal or external use as a very clear safety barrier. These can be used on balconies and stairwells and can also be integrated into aluminium door frames to create a Juliet balcony. Glass porches are ideal for creating the perfect entrance to any home. Frameless glass links are the perfect way to connect two buildings together, especially in older buildings where specific planning permission is needed.

Frameless rooflights and structural glass roofs are excellent for rooms in your home where windows cannot be installed but where natural light is wanted such as the basement.