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Structural Glass

A large number of contemporary projects IQ Glass are appointed onto, require the design detailing of the glazing systems to be as frameless and flush as possible.

With our structural frameless glazing we consider each glazed element and how it can be installed with the minimal amount of visible support. 

IQ Glass are usually involved very early in the design process working with the architect/designer ensuring the perimeter detailing is as stable, sealed and as 'slick' as possible. IQ Glass have a range of perimeter fixing systems that can provide the structural glass clamping enabling sheets of glass up to 18m² being held in place seemingly frameless. 

IQ Glass use a number of glazing solutions including ‘Low Iron Glass’ to achieve the highest clarity to your structural glass application.

Using Glass as structural item in your design can take on many forms including:

- Glass Floors

- Glass Roofs

- Glass Walls

The IQ Glass team include in house structural engineers, experienced designers and engineers so you can be rest assured your IQ Glass structural item will be well designed from start to finish.

Other important issues of waterproofing, air tightness and thermal insulation are considered in detail for every design provided.

Where glass panels are about a plastic seal is required and bearing in mind there is only glass visible, it is essential that this joint is prepared properly. 

IQ Glass’s highly trained installation team includes leading silicone application technicians who have worked hard to perfect our minimal & frameless structural glass systems.

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